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Dear BNS Member, Dear Visitor,

First of all, let me wish you, in the name of the whole Executive Committee, a very Happy new year 2018… Hope the new year fills your life with success, good luck & happiness !

Within its mission, the Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS) has a successful history of organizing multiple events providing an up-to-date overview of the large variety of peaceful applications of nuclear engineering.

We started year 2017 with the challenging Long Term Operation of Belgian NPPs lecture and completed the year with our General Assembly and an interesting lecture entitled “Three EPR under construction at less than 500 km from Belgium” given by Ms. Isabelle Leboucher (EDF).

We will start next year in January (see next activity) with a very interesting overview of the future possible energy policy in Europe through a lecture entitled “A critical view on the EU plans for our future electricity supply, illustrated with recent results from the German Energiewende” which will be given by Dr Jef Ongena from the Royal Military School and ForschungZentrum Jülich (FZJ). We will follow in February with our Scientific Contest organized by the BNS Young Generation. There will be very interesting topics presented; do not hesitate to attend this special event to support our young colleagues presenting their original works and activities !

Afterwards, we will have lectures on the medical use of radioactivity, on the decommissioning of fuel cycle facilities, on the security of our Nuclear Power plants, on the potential use of radioactivity in other domains, etc… Please keep an eye on our website for future announcements. We hope that 2018 will fulfil all your wishes.

We sincerely hope to meet you on the occasion of one of our activities!

Why wouldn’t you also join the BNS?

Please find some good reasons on our membership page. We will be glad to meet you and to listen to any suggestion to promote the advancement of nuclear science and engineering.

Vincent Massaut

Chairman of the Belgian Nuclear Society

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