Belgian Nuclear Society

Dear BNS Member, Dear Visitor,

The Belgian Nuclear Society is a “learned society” (société savante) for the exchange and enhancement of science and know-how of its members. It was founded in 1970 as the local section of the ANS uniting students, post-docs and nuclear professionals. The BNS promotes the advancement of science and engineering related to peaceful applications of nuclear energy.

Since many years, and following its mission the BNS is organizing multiple events providing an up-to-date overview of the large variety of applications of nuclear engineering. This year we will have several Evening Lectures (EVL) on various topics going from the analysis of the EU future energy supply in the light of the German Energiewende (EVL of January) to the use of nuclear in medicine, in space and in the preservation of our patrimony. We will also have a look at the securization of our Nuclear Power Plants and probably have an outlook of the nuclear energy in 2050… But the next evening in February will be focused on our Young Colleagues, with the presentation of the candidates of our Scientific Contest ! Please come to support the young generation which will present innovative ideas and refreshing way of thinking….

We want also to present you the recently renewed executive committee of the BNS. And we will make an effort to have a ‘trombinoscope’ (i.e. names with photograph) of all our committee members on our website so that you can contact them more easily during our organized events.

We sincerely hope to meet you on the occasion of one of our activities! Please keep an eye on our website for future announcements.

Why wouldn’t you also join the BNS?

Please find some good reasons on our membership page. We will be glad to meet you and to listen to any suggestion to promote the advancement of nuclear science and engineering.

Vincent Massaut

Chairman of the Belgian Nuclear Society

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