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Dear BNS Member, Dear Visitor,

Within its mission, the Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS) has a successful history of organizing multiple events providing an up-to-date overview of the large variety of peaceful applications of nuclear engineering.

We started year 2017 with the challenging Long Term Operation of Belgian NPPs presented in January by Philippe D’Haeyer and Raf Verheyden. The BNS-YG Scientific Contest 2017 organized in February was a grand cru with the joint attribution of the ONDRAF/NIRAS prize. And in March, Vincent Massaut as former manager of the BR3 decommissioning project, presented the impressive Belgian record on decommissioning nuclear installations.

We followed by a lecture in April of Carl Bergloff, Chairman of the Swedish Nuclear Society, on the beneficial effects of withdrawing the Swedish nuclear tax, and in May, Pierre Kockerols from the JRC (European Joint Research Center) presented the Management of spent fuel in Europe.  The General Assembly was held on the 15th of June followed by a lecture on the Thorium for LWR application given by Dr. Marc Verwerft, head of the fuel expert group of SCK•CEN. We had then a very interesting lecture on Molten Salt reactors, given by Rudy Konings, at the Westinghouse premises in Nivelles. And finally we participated to the topical day on decay heat removal held at the SCK•CEN in Mol on 26th October. Our next activity will bring you to the new builds, with the lecture entitled “3 EPR under construction at less than 500 km from Belgium” which will be given by Ms. Isabelle Leboucher (EDF) on 23 November, following our General Assembly of the autumn.

We sincerely hope to meet you on the occasion of one of our activities!

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Sammy Shihab
Chairman of the Belgian Nuclear Society

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