About Young Generation

The BNS Young Generation (YG) brings together young professionals and students interested in nuclear science in its broadest sense. The YG network is a subgroup of the BNS for members younger than 36. The YG Network plays a role in translating the mission of the BNS within its framework on a Young Generation level.

The BNS YG aims at:

  • Disseminating objective scientific information for better public understanding of peaceful applications of nuclear science
  • Promoting the education and transfer of knowledge in nuclear science
  • Enhancing professional and personal relations between young nuclear professionals

Kevin Govers,  BNS Young Generation Chair: “‘Nuclear’ is much more than radiation. The domain covers various fields of science and technology: from particle physics to civil engineering works; from atom chemistry to geology; from molecular biology to environmental studies. We should not put asides human sciences: ethics, policies, economy or legal aspects today play an ever growing role in the debate over nuclear.
Gathering scientists, engineers and experts from all these fields brings a real added value and places our work in a bigger puzzle! This is especially true for the YG, since education and the first job positions generally focus on a few core competences. BNS and BNS-YG activities are then unique opportunities to discuss in an informal way about the various aspects of nuclear science and technology…

In order to fulfil its mission of information and networking forum, the BNS YG organizes several activities such as Technical Visits, Scientific Contests Contests, Evening Lectures and presents the nuclear scene in Belgium to high school and university students, focusing on the fascinating and innovative aspect of nuclear science. In general BNS YG activities are integrated within the BNS activities, unless participation is restricted to YG members only.

The Belgian YG originates from a European initiative, and continuously tries to perform its mission on a European level by participating to major events such as  the European Nuclear Society ENS conference, the International Youth Nuclear Conference IYNC or the European Youth Generation Forum EYGF.

Become Member of the Young Generation Network of the BNS !

  • You are a Belgian young (<36) nuclear professional?
  • You want to know more about the nuclear sector in Belgium and in other countries?
  • You would like to be invited for interesting Evening Lectures of the BNS-YG and the BNS?
  • You would like to be invited (and have a reduced fee) on unique Technical Visits ?
  • You would like to meet other young professionals in an informal atmosphere on social events?

Interested? Apply for the BNS YG Membership on the Membership page of the BNS website.