• 28 Jan

    BNS General Assembly & Evening Lecture January 2016

    Brussels, Engie Towers, Simon Bolivarlaan 34, 1000 Brussels @18:15

    BNS General Assembly, followed by an Evening Lecture:

    European Human Resources Observatory for Nuclear
    by Massimo Flore (JRC European Commission) and Ferry Roelofs (NRG)

    The European Human Resource Observatory for Nuclear (EHRO-N) provides the European Commission with essential data related to supply and demand for nuclear experts in the EU28 and the enlargement and integration countries based on bottom-up information from the nuclear industry. The objective is to assess how the supply of experts for the nuclear industry in the EU28 and the enlargement and integration countries responds to the needs for the same experts for the present and future nuclear projects in the region. Complementary to the bottom-up approach taken by the EHRO-N team at JRC, a top-down modeling approach has been taken in a collaboration with NRG in the Netherlands. This top-down modelling approach currently fosuses on the human resource requirements for operation, construction, and efforts for long term operation of nuclear power plants.

    The presentation will introduce EHRO-N and will show main results from the bottom-up survey and top-down modelling approach.

    Ferry Roelofs obtained master in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University Eindhoven in 1996. He has been employed since 1997 at NRG, the Nuclear Research & consultancy Group in the Netherlands. Currently holds the position of Account Manager Research and Innovation. He has been active for a complete range of nuclear reactors, from LWRs to all types of GenIV reactors mainly in the field of thermal-hydraulics but also in the field of techno-economic assessments of the nuclear fuel cycle. He has been involved in many collaborative European framework projects since 1999.

    Massimo Flore is the Manager of the European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear Sector. Before joining the European Commission, he has worked for UNESCO, NATO HQ, and UNITED NATIONS in West-Africa.

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    Due to increased security level in the building, only registered people will get access.