• 22 Oct

    BNS Workshop October 2015

    Euridice (Mol)

    Workshop on “Waste Management”

    Activity: Seminar + visit Hades underground laboratory

    This workshop aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the R&D conducted in Belgium, but also at European level, in the framework of nuclear waste disposal. This research can be typified as truly multi-disciplinary, with not only techno-scientific research areas but also ethical/societal aspects.


    1:30 pm                Venue and registration

    2:00 pm                Welcome address

    2:15 pm                Seminar
                                     Peter De Preter (NIRAS/ONDRAF)
                                                                  Management of radioactive waste in Belgium

                                     Christophe Bruggemans (SCK-CEN)
                                                                  Nuclear Waste Disposal R&D at SCK•CEN

                                     Gunnar Buckau (JRC-ITU)
                                                                  European perspectives on radioactive waste management

    3:45 pm                Visits (2 groups)
                                     Hades (underground laboratory)
                                     Tour of Praclay Hall

    5:45 pm                Coctail at the LakeHouse

    For more information on EIG Euridice, please have a look at: http://www.euridice.be/en


    Registration information

    The visitors (max. 50) are divided in 2 groups of 25. While one group is underground, the other one visits the Praclay hall with explanations. After one hour the 2 groups are exchanged.

    Registration is required by Thursday October 15 via the website www.bnsorg.be only!
    For practical reasons, the number of participants will be limited to 50 persons. Priority is given to BNS members.

    The registration process is closed, as both the deadline and maximum number of participant was reached. We look forward to seeing you at another BNS event!



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