• 26 Oct

    BNS / ENGIE / SCK•CEN Technical Workshop on BR2

    SCK•CEN LakeHouse, Boeretang 201, 2400 Mol

    This workshop is intended to introduce the unique features of the Belgian Reactor 2, the most performing operating material test reactor in Europe today.  A selected panel of experts from the operator and user community  will highlight the different trends in current R&D for applications of nuclear technology and how the BR2 reactor is contributing in scientific and technological areas, such as energy production and safety, medical applications of nuclear technology and cutting edge fundamental physics.

    In parallel to the workshop, the YG will have the opportunity to visit the BR2 (the registrations for the visit is already closed).

    All presentations can be downloaded here.

    Programme (tentative)

    Hour Title / Topic Expected lecturer
    9:00 Introduction on BNS and ENGIE workshops S. Shihab (BNS) / A.Pirard (ENGIE)
    9:15 Introduction to the BR2 reactor S. Van Dyck (SCK•CEN)
    9:45 The safety case for aged reactor vessels with production defaults R. Gerard (ENGIE)
    10:15 Predicting material degradation in support of ageing analysis of reactor vessels M. Scibetta (SCK•CEN)
    10:45 Coffee break
    11:00 Selecting the materials for future energy sources: fusion reactor materials under irradiation D. Terentyev (SCK•CEN)
    11:30 Using research reactors for fundamental science: in search for the sterile anti-neutrino N. Vanremortel (UA)
    12:00 Lunch break
    13:30 Test reactor irradiations in support of power reactor fuel research and development M. Verwerft (SCK•CEN)
    14:00 Making the world a safer place: reducing the use of highly enriched uranium S. Van Dyck (SCK•CEN)
    14:30 The production of radio-isotopes in the BR2: past performance and future prospects B. Ponsard (SCK•CEN)
    15:00 Coffee Break
    15:30 Biological effects of radiation: the use of radiopharmaceuticals to kill tumors S. Baatout (SCK•CEN)
    16:00 The beneficial use of Radiations in medical applications: a Belgian approach R. Hustinx (BelNuc)
    16:30 Closure of the workshop V. Massaut (SCK•CEN)
    16:45 Drink – Networking


    Registrations are closed!