• 27 Sep

    BNS Workshop September 2018

    Engie Towers - Bd S. Bolivar 34, 1000 Bxl

    The Workshop will give you the opportunity to design a reactor or work out a high-level reactor concept and present it to a jury of senior experts of industry and the safety authority. See it as a quiz for nuclear engineers!

    In a first round you’ll have to defend your design or concept to a jury that takes on the role of the Safety Authority and the Waste Authority, with experts from FANC and ONDRAF/NIRAS such as Robin Klein Meulekamp and Peter De Preter.

    After having received feedback from the Safety Authority, the revised concept has to be presented to a jury that takes on the role of possible costumers, with experts from Tractebel and Westinghouse such as Daniela Baratto and Marc Callaert.

    Put together a team of 6 participants and take up the challenge against colleagues from different companies in different rounds. Convince the jury’s and win an interesting prize.
    Hurry Up! There are only 5 teams that can enroll! Make sure your team is among them!


    Team registration: solely by e-mail to yg@bnsorg.be

    Individual registration (to grant access to the building; teams should be set up first): see below.