• 22 Feb

    BNS-YG Scientific Contest

    Engie Towers - Bd S. Bolivar 34, 1000 Bxl

    ONDRAF/NIRAS prize

     A new prize is added to the Scientific Contest for two outstanding Master Theses defended at a Belgian University. The selection for these prizes is based solely on the manuscript, but the winners will briefly inform the public about the content of their work. The winners are:

                Christophe Corazza (Master in Nuclear Engineering, BNEN; in collaboration with SCK•CEN): Optical Fibre Void Fraction Determination for Liquid Metal Cooled Fast Neutron Reactors

                 Ilker Makine (Master in Physical Engineering, ULB & U Berkeley): Exact Transport Representations of the Classical and Nonclassical Simplified PN Equations with Isotropic Scattering


    BNS Prizes – Oral presentation

     The call for participants was an enormous success: the Jury received 12 manuscripts in total. Three candidates were selected to present their scientific work and will compete for the BNS prizes :

    Nucleation and growth of lead oxide particles in liquid lead-bismuth eutectic by Kristof Gladinez – UGent & SCK•CEN

     Functional Gene Analysis Reveals Cell Cycle Changes and Inflammation in Endothelial Cells Irradiated with a Single X-ray Dose  by Bjorn Baselet – UCL & SCK•CEN

    Cartography of the radiation around the reactor buildings of Doel 1 and Doel 2 in case of a severe accident by Klaas De Medts – BNEN student & ENGIE Electrabel


    BNS Prize – Poster session

    Due to the enormous success of the Scientific Contest we cannot list all titles of the works participating in the poster competition. Posters from a broad number of fields will be presented during the cocktail.