• 30 Apr

    Evening lecture April 2020: The reaction to the COVID-19 virus in a Belgian NPP

    Virtual conference

    Organised by Videoconference in response to the COVID-19 crisis

    The reaction to the COVID-19 virus in a Belgian NPP

    by Wim Van Rompay, Electrabel, Doel nuclear power plant

    Wim Van Rompay is Care Manager at Doel NPP and appointed as Corona-Coordinator since the beginning of the crisis. He will elaborate on the approach of the power plant on how to react to the virus: keeping it out maximally, preparing contingency-plans and how to prepare for ‘the worst case scenario’. Technical and social measures have been taken at short term, sometimes on or over the edge of the legal framework, but always in close connection with the Safety Authorities. At midterm, some major works had to be replanned, how is this done? At long term, what kind of measures are expected to last, and how is the NPP preparing on these.

    The presentation can be downloaded here: BNS – Covid at NPP – WVR – online

    About the speaker

    Wim Van Rompay is a Civil Engineer (KULeuven – 2003), has followed BNEN and is expert Class I at Doel NPP for Nuclear Safety & Radiation Protection. He is working in Doel since 2005 and at has his current position since January 1st 2020.



    The virtual conference will start at 18:30. Mr. Van Rompay will give a short presentation (about 30 minutes), next followed by a long session of Q&A.


    Registration and link for participation

    Registration is mandatory. The deadline is 30 April at 12:00, which will be applied strictly.

    The BNS committee will then review the list of registered candidates. Accepted participants will receive by email a link and a short set of instructions to participate to the event at the latest 2 hours before the events.