• 27 Apr

    After the removal of the nuclear tax – Swedish nuclear industry is ready for Round 2 | by Carl Bergloff

    Tractebel Offices @18.30

    The Belgian Nuclear Society is proud to present this evening lecture in collaboration with the Swedish Nuclear Society.
    The topic of the evening will be the removal of the nuclear tax in Sweden.
    In June 2016 an historical political agreement was made in Sweden, which put an end to 40 years of nuclear power debate. Five political parties, representing a Governmental majority, signed a framework agreement allowing a removal of the nuclear tax that could have led to the closure of all nuclear plants in Sweden. Nevertheless, four out of ten reactors had to close down before the tax was removed. Is long term operation now secured for the remaining six units? Threats are emerging around the corner.


    About the speaker

    Mr. Carl Berglöf has a PhD in Reactor Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Since 2011 he is working at the state-owned electricity company Vattenfall which operates seven nuclear units in Sweden.
    Carl was leading the licensing of a new nuclear power plant, however the project was abandoned for political reasons following the last election in 2014. Since then Carl is engaged with the coordination of safety requirements and governance of radiation protection within Vattenfall.
    Carl is vice president of the European Nuclear Society and resigning president of the Swedish Nuclear Society after four years.
    From June 2017 Carl will work for SwedEnergy representing the Swedish nuclear power industry and being the secretary of the Swedish Atomic Forum.

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